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The Lifestyle Influencer Awards


Better Homes & Gardens presents The Lifestyle Influencer Awards, a one-of-a-kind platform that will recognise and felicitate the country’s best Digital Influencers. The awards will honour Indian bloggers and social media stars across various segments like decor, interiors, design, food, beauty and lifestyle. It is the first time that digital influencers from across categories will be recognised on a common platform in India. Supporting Better Homes & Gardens in the endeavour is the online digital publication Social Samosa, and a six-member celebrity jury, who will come together to judge the nominees based on different criteria that form our comprehensive voting process.



Better Homes & Gardens India is the urban woman’s lifestyle guide. The magazine focusses on all aspects that affect her life and environment. Our features traverse the latest in home, design and decor, food and dining, beauty and wellness, craft and DIY as we truly understand the need of today’s working women and homemakers. The editorial content is optimistic with a feel-good factor, which equips the BHG reader to try multiple approaches at home, at work, in her family, and in her day-to-day life.

Social Samosa


Social Samosa is an Online Media Publication which covers the Social Media Landscape in India. The publication reports insights, trends, breaking stories on social media along with campaign reviews, case studies and expert posts from industry practitioners.
Over the years, Social Samosa has enabled the industry with information symmetry and best practice benchmarking. The Portal promotes and facilitates data-driven digital marketing. We envisage the importance of content marketing and devising digital intellectual properties. Our vision is to build and empower an ecosystem where brands, agencies, tools and talent learn from the shared knowledge base and work towards developing a thriving industry.